Dandasana & Virasana

What does it feel like to use these tips in the pose?  Try staff pose and hero pose over at Yogasync.tv.

Benefits of Staff Pose/Dandasana:
Dandasana lengthens the ligaments in the backs of the legs and opens the chest. It tones the abdominal organs, spine and muscles of the legs. It is a wonderful movement for beginners to learn good alignment in a sitting position.
If you are in the late stages of pregnancy or are menstruating you can practice this movement with your feet hip width apart. If you have a back injury you can practice this movement against the wall.
Benefits of Hero Pose/Virasana:
This movement reduces stiffness in the hips, knees and ankle joints, while strengthening the arches. It helps to relieve inflammation of the lower leg, caused from long periods of standing, or pregnancy. In this position the spine is supported and the chest is open, making it an excellent movement for meditation.
If the ligaments of your knees are injured use as much support of blankets or blocks as you need.