Quick Start Guide

Success starts with taking action. Here’s how it works; we have put together a quick reference guide that will direct you to the exact Yogasync that you need today, and for any other day.   Watch the video above to reveal how to best experience the wonder of  You + practice + Yogasync = winning combination.


Quick Tip!  Beyond Beginners and Intermediate yogis and yogins, don’t skip the beginners practices.  You could find something more suited to your time or energy levels.  As a rule, the beginners selections tend to be shorter than then Moderate/intermediate.  Beginners!  Need more challenge?  Got more time?  Ready to progress? Investigate the moderate sections to take you Beyond Beginners.



Short High Energy Yoga Classes (10 – 30 minutes)

In this category of exclusive Yoga classes, you will get to participate in carefully crafted, professionally instructed, invigorating sequences. These are especially for those days you are feeling you need to move, and have 10 minutes or more to get your yoga on. These sequences will challenge your body and mind.


Short Low Energy (10 – 30 minutes)

In this category of essential, easy to follow Yoga classes, the primary focus is the restorative benefits that Yoga brings. Use these when you’re exhausted, stressed or having a lower energy day, or really need recovery from a hard yoga class the previous day. Browse these relaxing, life enriching popular editor’s picks of Yogasyncs, designed for when you are short on time and need a mental, emotional or physical pick me up.  PLUS these are prefect for days you are calling yourself ‘lazy’ – do something without making any mega demands!



Longer Middle of the Road (30-60 minutes)

When you have a little more time and are looking for an in-depth comprehensive class, focus on these meticulously prepared yoga learning experiences.   We have taken great pains to cover many of the technical aspects of each movement. Experience the wonder of  this fresh range of pleasing, physical, emotional and mental yoga tonics to hang out with.


Wind-down (10-40 minute)

In this noteworthy range of relaxing and unhurried Yoga sequences, our team of experts introduce you to step by step, easy to follow yoga movements  This carefully crafted  extensive repertoire  felicitates relaxation, calming down, de-stressing, all over body restoration and glorious sleep.



Go To Yogasyncs (30-90 minutes)

Some of our all time favorites and most popular all-rounders!  With such diverse advantages as jump starting the day, guarding the body from injury, generating wisdom, preparing for lotus, relieving fatigue and seasonal yoga, these shouldn’t be missed!!