Get Moving! Creating Your Own Yogasync Movement


Using the Yogasync Movement Builder

Are you already familiar with the Easy YogaBuilder tool on Yogasync? Check other articles here and here. This create your own Yoga class feature allows you to take existing yoga posture videos and thread them together to create your own unique sequence.  Here are some I made: a short, 20-minute ab flow, a complete hour-long basics class.

What happens though when you want want to experience your online yoga video a a little differently to suit your own needs for the day? For instance, you don’t need or want all the precise spoken instructions for any particular pose? Or you want to hold a down dog for longer than your current sequence gives? If tailoring a particular yoga movement is something that appeals to you, then the Yogasync Movement Builder is for you.

Getting Started

Similar to the class builder, Yogasync’s Movement Builder allows platinum members to customize their yoga experience. Have a look at the page now; The setup is similar: along the top, you see several drop down menus to help you search for a specific movement. Type in a keyword or name to instantly find a movement type or anatomical focus, which will show you to a variety of movements that fit the category.

The 5 Elements of Building Tree Pose

Let’s use Tree Pose as an example. Maybe you really want to work on your balance and hold your tree for an extended period of time. Simply type “tree” into the filter by name box, and you will see all the available Tree movements available on Yogasync appear as blue bubbles below the search bar.


Click on the movement “Tree Pose,” it turns red and multiple thumbnails appear in the box below. You will notice that each thumbnail has a colored bar around it. Each color indicates a different type of element:

  1. Green: Introduction element – name of pose and set up

  2. Dark Blue: Lengthening element – holding the pose with body cues and benefits

  3. Light Blue: Silent lengthening element – hold the pose in silence

  4. Orange: Transition element – for poses that swap left to right

  5. Red: Exit element – instruction of how to come out of the pose


1 – Intro Element

To create our extended Tree, we must start with one of the green intro elements. Intro elements will either include a full intro with pose name and set up instructions, no intro which takes you straight into the pose, or complete silence – just the model going into the pose with you. You can only insert one intro element. Choosing which intro element to include in your new movement will depend on your level of expertise.

2, 3 - Lengthening Elements

After choosing an intro element, it’s time to add lengthening elements. Use the dark blue elements for some guided assistance and the light blue for holding the pose longer, or if you don’t need the vocal instruction. You can add as many blue lengthening elements you like

4 – Transition elements

Because Tree Pose is a two-sided asana, we need to use an orange transition element. This will guide us through switching from the right side to the left. Once you add the transition, a red “Create Other Side” button appears above your selected elements. Press it to automatically insert the same elements you included for the right side for the left. You can also do this manually.

5 – Exit element

Once you have added all of your desired lengthening elements, it is time to finish off your new movement with a red exit element. Choose either a guided or silent exit (only insert one exit element). Once you have completed your movement, it would be wise to preview it in its entirety. This way you can be sure that the movement flows smoothly and that there aren’t any unwanted repetitions in direction.

Wrapping It Up

Now it’s time to give your new movement a title and description. If you are unsure of the posture type or anatomical focus, pull up the original movement on, which will include this information. Decide on a thumbnail image and whether you want to make it public or private. When you’re ready, hit save! You will be taken to your movement’s own page where additional information has been added from the Yogasync database. See the one I made with a 2 minute 20 hold each side!  That’s about 9 breaths each side if you breathe 4 breaths per minute.

Infinite Possibility!

If you really want to extend your pose, you can use elements from other versions of the movement. When we searched “tree,” Tree Pose 2 also came up. Please note that alternate versions or even other movements altogether may feature variations on positioning so it is important to preview the clip by clicking on the element and then on the play button to be sure that you are adding an element that goes along with your original, intended movement and is above all, safe.

The possibilities are virtually endless with’s Movement Builder. Create prolonged restorative poses or deepen into the asanas you may have trouble with by holding them. Or maybe you need a little quiet, so you create a series of completely silent versions. You can then include any of your movements in a complete Yogasync with the Easy Yoga Builder.

Yogasync me! Try it yourself! Play around with different poses and elements to create your very own movement just the way you want it!

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