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Core Busting Yoga

The great thing about yoga is that there is a flow, sequence, or session focused on just about every part of your body, inside or out. Finding a sync on Yogasync that focuses on a so called problem area or part of your body you want to improve is easy and helpful. What’s great about these syncs is that once you try them you can customize it to your own liking to then repeat in the future.

One part of the body that many people want to improve is their abs and core. Ab exercises can be strenuous, but also necessary if you wish to improve the strength of your core. As a member of the everyday yogi club, I do pride myself in being able to withstand most ab centered poses, but there are some that my body just can’t do.

As I am often in a bit of a time crunch, I recently tried out the Quick Fix Yoga – Core Buster. This sync is a little over 20 minutes in length and features a variety of core strengthening poses, many that I’ve used in subsequent flows and workouts, and some that just didn’t work for me. Here are a few of my favorite parts of the sync as well of some more challenging poses that I encountered in the Quick Fix Core Buster:


  • Cat and Dog Tilt with Leg Lift

This is a great basic pose that also works your core. The movement involves getting down on all fours, bringing one knee in to meet your forehead and then extending it back. It involves several repetitions so you really get the feeling of strength in your core.

  • Upward Downward Half Extended Leg Pose

This pose reminded me of a different take on the traditional crunch. Crunches, although a classic ab workout, can get old after a while so spicing it up can be beneficial to your overall core strength. This is a tough pose but I love how I felt after I completed it!

  • Boat Pose with Legs Bent

Boat pose is a very popular yoga pose used in many types of classes as a core strengthener. Some yogis love it, and others find it incredibly taxing. I, personally, love boat pose. Not only when practicing yoga but in other forms of exercise, and sometimes at home when I feel like I need to do a little ab work! It was a nice familiar face in this particular sync among some other newer poses that I had to learn on the spot.


  • Pose Dedicated to the Sage Vasistha

I have always struggled with this pose. As much as this is a strengthening pose, it also involves a good amount of balance. However, the balance is a bit unconventional. It involves stacking one foot on top of the other with the side of your bottom foot on the ground. One arm is on the ground holding up your body and the other extends up. Although it may be difficult, this pose is definitely worth giving a try and one that I personally will need to work on!

  • Half Locust With Upper Body Lifting

I did enjoy the flow of this quick fix sync. It started with the basics, introduced some more intense core poses, and then finished with some more relaxing, calming poses. The final four movements of this sync began with the half locust pose with upper body lifting. If I were to customize this sync into my own, I would choose some different final poses. I didn’t really get much out of the half locust pose, and would have preferred something that either worked my body more or really felt relaxing.

Have you tried this sync? How did you feel afterwards? Share your thoughts below!

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