Is it worth 47 minutes to feel truly calm and invigorated?


Yogasync Review: Grounded and Energized?

Two things that I think many of us would like to feel all the time! With the stress of life clouding our minds and tiring our bodies, finding ways to stay grounded and energized can be challenging. As yogis, we know that practicing yoga can accomplish this, and then some. This 47-minute sync promised to leave me feeling restored and ready to go with a series of standing postures, culminating in relaxation.

Here’s what I got of the Ground and Energise sequence:

1 – Sun Salutations With Warrior One

The word invigorating is used to describe this sync in the site description, and the invigoration starts right off the bat with the very first movement! Beginning any yoga practice with a Sun Salutation gets the blood flowing and the muscles loose. This particular sun salute is very fast paced and it took me a couple cycles to get into the rhythm. But once I got into the swing of things I felt energized and ready for the rest of the sync!

2 – Morning Triangle

Triangle Pose is one of my all-time favorites. It’s not a particularly difficult or challenging pose, but it offers a great stretch as well as a conscious strengthening in the legs. This is one of those poses that I could hold for an extended period of time and really deepen into it.

3 – Morning Warrior 2

For extra help with warrior 2, go here.

4 – Bound Side Angle Pose

This particular position was a new one for me. I’ve experienced other types of side angle poses, but none with the arms bound quite like this. I even had to rewind the video back to the moment when the arms wrap around the thigh of the bent leg. My hands couldn’t quite meet each other behind my thigh, so I used a strap while holding the pose. Once I finally got the correct position, I really felt and intense strengthening in my thighs.

5 – Warrior 1

I love Warrior 1 and have talked about it other articles, like this one.

6 – Intense Side Stretch

We made this tip video especially to help you get the best out of this pose.

7 – Revolved Triangle Pose

There are several different incarnations of the Triangle Pose. One practiced earlier in this sync, involves placing the lowered hand on the shin of the extended leg. In this Revolved Triangle Pose, the lowered hand is placed on the outside of the extended leg, lined up with the little toe. As with most movements that involve this type of positioning, I opted for using a block, so I could really ground my hand into the floor and feel the stretch as my other arm extended into the sky.

8 – Revolved Lateral Angle Pose

I found this movement to be slightly complicated for me. It starts off in a side angle position with hands in prayer at your heart center. It then briefly flows into the Revolved Triangle Pose that was just performed previously. But instead of one arm reaching up toward the sky, it is brought forward, palm facing down, outstretched in front of you. I again required a block for my hand on the floor, but even still, felt the position was slightly awkward for my body. This is one that I will definitely have to practice more to perfect!

9 – Standing Wide Leg Pose

Maybe it’s the rush I feel when my head is lowered toward the floor or the stability I feel with my legs outstretched and both feet facing forward, but I really enjoy this pose. It’s one I haven’t experienced in a little while so it took a little getting into. But once I did, I again had the feeling that I could hold in this position forever if I had to!

10 – Reclining Bound Angle Pose Well Supported

I always appreciate the slowing down of movement during a session before finally going into full Savasana, and this Bound Angle Pose really helped to calm my body and my mind. It may require a few necessary props, but it is definitely worth it. I have experienced remaining in this position for several minutes during a restorative class and always come out of it feeling calm and ready for final relaxation.

11 – Savasana

Ah Savasana.

Final Thoughts

I was worried that this “invigorating” sync was going to be almost too vigorous, especially when it started with the fast-paced, repetitive Sun Salutation. But really, it involved a great mixture of classic poses and classic poses with a twist. I never felt overwhelmed, but instead felt energized and strengthened, just as it promised!

Afterwards, with the great final two relaxation poses, I felt calm and restored and thankful for my body and the work it had just performed. This is a great sync for anyone looking for a little something extra with their practice that is still familiar but gives you the feeling that your body has done work.

Yogasync me! Find out if this sequence grounds & energizes you – click  to try it out yourself!

Ground and Energise


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