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Now Anyone Can Create A Custom Made Practice

The are many online yoga resources out there to help you keep up with your practice at home and on your own time. However, one of the unique benefits of Yogasync that make it different from the others is the ability to create your own sequences – aka syncs. The best way to begin the process of creating your own sync is to have a general working knowledge of yoga and to try out some of the existing syncs on the site.

When I say general knowledge of yoga, I mean that you know your way around a yoga class. You’ve experienced some of the more basic poses and you understand the flow of a normal session. Most yoga classes begin slowly, with some breathing exercises that help you become centered and ready for your practice. That is then followed by a variety of flows and poses that cater to you and what you hope to accomplish. The class usually ends with shavasana or, if it is a shorter sync, another pose that helps to relax and calm you and prepare your return into the real world.

How To Create Your Own Sequence

The first Yogasync I wanted to create was a complete, hour long traditional yoga class that followed this template. I wanted to work in some of my favorite basic poses as well as a few core poses near the end of the sync. Accomplishing this may sound daunting, but once you start to work with the Easy YogaBuilder, creating your perfect sync will come easier than you may think!

How to Pick Your Poses

I am a fairly seasoned yogi, so I’m not afraid of some more advanced poses, so I left the Level indicator on All. I wanted to start with a classic sun salutation to help me get into a yoga mindset and warm my body up for the rest of the sync. Instead of using the filter selector, I typed in sun salutation in the Filter By Name box and clicked Find Moves. I clicked through the several options the popped up and decided to add Sun Salutations Scoop To Cobra as the first pose in my sync.

I hadn’t worked on my warriors lately, so again using the Filter By Name box I searched for Warrior, and chose the basic warrior I, II, and III to add to my sync following the sun salutation. As I previously mentioned, I wanted to work a little core work into the sync, but I wasn’t sure exactly which poses I wanted. This time I chose Core in the Filter By selector, and tons of great core poses popped up. Even by looking at some of the thumbnail preview images of the poses, I knew they were a little too advance for me. Others looked familiar or more my speed and just by clicking on these I learned the name, length, and details of each pose. I ended up choosing five core poses to add to my sync, a few that I remembered from the Quick Fix Core Buster sync!

What will you do to balance your sequence?

The length of my sync wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be yet, so I thought I would work on some balancing. Tree is one of my all time favorites, even though it may be challenging at time. Instead of searching for it, I filtered all of the balancing poses. In addition to adding tree pose, I also saw eagle pose, which is another favorite of mine. My sync was nearly complete, all I needed was a final relaxation pose. When I chose Meditative in the filter selector, the options were a bit overwhelming. Even after choosing Restorative in the Refine Further selector, the options were still very plentiful. I thought I would search for Relaxation and this gave me more of the poses I was looking for. I decided on Short Relaxation With Auto Suggestion to finish out my sync.

I rapidly pulled this off

My basic sync ended up being a success! It wasn’t perfect, a few of the core poses were more challenging that I had expected and I forgot how much work I need on my warrior III! Completing a sync that I had designed myself made me feel like I had my own personal instructor. I couldn’t wait to try more syncs and movements and create more of my own, focusing on different areas that I want to work on.

Have you created your own sync? What did you think? What kind of movements did you include? Share your experience below!

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