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How I used 10 poses in 30 minutes to feel stronger

Creating your own personalized yoga sessions in Yogasync’s Easy Yoga Builder is a great way to focus on specific areas of the body in your own way. The previous sync that I reviewed was an overall basic session. This time, I wanted to create a shorter class, something between 20-30 minutes and I wanted to focus on strength. By using the movement filters, I was able to find the poses I thought would be good for such a sync. Most of the movements were found by choosing specific parts of the body, “strengthening,” and “whole body” options.

This sync, titled “Half Hour Strength & Body Focus” ended up including a total of 10 movements. Here is a quick review of each:

1. Downward Facing Dog

Many of the sun salutation movements of course include at least a few down dogs. However, I thought because I was focusing on strength in this sync, I would stick with the basics and really hone in on the poses. The step-by-step direction really helped me perfect this pose and gave me a great refresher on this popular yet important pose.

2. Standing Side Stretch – Short Flow

The thumbnail image of this movement looked like a great stretch and perfect addition to my sync. This turned out to be true, however I wished it were longer! At just over a minute, it made me wanting more. Going forward, I will likely edit my sync and add the 2:48 side stretch, and not this short flow version.

3. Crocodile Pose on Forearms

This seemed like a great plank alternative and although it was challenging to hold for an extended length of time, I really felt it strengthening my arms, shoulders, abs, and legs! This type of pose is great for any kind of workout routine.

4. Cobra Pose

Similar to my theory of adding a simple downward facing dog to this sync, I thought adding cobra pose would help me to revisit the basics of this popular yet often underrated position. Very often it is used in conjunction with a sun salutation or Surya Namaskar, and is quickly flowed through. However in this version, the pose is held for a longer period of time, which was challenging but very beneficial! After a while, my arms felt a little shakey. I know this is something that over time and repetition, will subside and I’ll be able to perform with full strength. I could tell once I came out of this position that my arms had a great workout and were strengthened.

5. Half Bridge Pose with hand support, fingers facing in

A few different bridge poses popped up in my movement search for this sync. I was hesitant at first because I haven’t done one in a while and wasn’t sure if I would be able to. But I thought I might as well try, and I’m happy I did! Not only did I complete the pose correctly, I could really feel strength throughout my entire body. This half bridge is about 2½ minutes all together and I think I may have to pause and repeat it next time I do this sync!

6. Extended Puppy Pose

If nothing else, this has to be the cutest name for a yoga pose EVER. It turns out it’s also a great stretching pose and alternative to downward facing dog! You really have to be conscious of where your hands, arms, and legs are in this pose. The oral directions help you to really get the most out of this movement and ensure that you have it down perfect!

7. Powerful Pose with Prayer and a Twist

Powerful pose (also known as chair pose) is one of my all time favorite yoga poses. It gives you a great strengthening in the legs as well as the arms. This variation, as I found out while performing it, really works your thighs even further! It may be challenging for some but for me, I really felt it working my thighs and felt great after coming out of it.

8. Standing Forward Bend with Arms Folded

This seemed like a great position to have near the end of my sync. It’s relaxing but still involves movement and works certain areas of the body including your legs and lower back. After a collection of movements that involved holding poses and building strength, it was great to take a moment to really focus on my breath while also feeling opening in the back and legs.

9. Three Limbed Downward Facing Dog

This is another challenging pose to hold for an extended period of time. I’ve done three-legged dog before, but the oral directions really helped me to perfect my positioning and feel the benefits in my arms, hips, and legs. I may edit the sync for the future and move this movement closer to the middle of the session as opposed to the end. However it was great to do both down dog and three limbed down dog in the same sync!

10. Shoulder Stand

Sometimes it’s hard to not judge a book by the cover, and in its thumbnail image, this pose looked way too fun not to try! I’m really glad that I performed this one alone because I can’t even imagine what I looked like trying to get into this position! I’m sure it takes practice to perfect, just like any yoga pose. But I must say, once I got into the shoulder stand position with most of my body shooting straight up towards the sky, it felt great! Coming out of the pose was another story however. My body was just not allowing me to hold my legs over my head and onto the floor behind me for long. But I eventually got out of the pose and promised myself I would keep practicing this one!

Is your sequence working for you?

All in all, I had a great experience with this sync. Before I started, I was in a great yoga zone. I created a music playlist that lasted about the length of the session including some of my favorite low key but lyrically inspiring classic rock songs. Lighting in my space was just right and I even had some incense burning!

After I finished, I felt really good. Sometimes it’s hard to keep focus when practicing at home what with distractions from family members, pets, or even just the environment. But I think I created a pretty great sync that kept me in the zone throughout. I felt like I really worked on my strength and could feel it in my muscles. No pain, but just like they got a good stretch and workout.

Edits for the future are minimal, I felt challenged but not forced. I think I would like to end the sync with a meditative hip opener, such as a pigeon, followed by a brief Savasana to make it really complete.

I did make this sync public, so feel free to try it and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Half Hour + Ten Poses = Strong

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