4 tips for the best home yoga space


Yoga is now more accessible than ever. With online classes increasing in popularity and numbers, you don’t have to work around a studio schedule to get your session in. And to top it all off, you can practice in the comfort of your own home!

This may sound pretty great, but if you’ve ever tried to do yoga at your house or apartment, you know that it comes with its own struggles. Whether it’s interruptions from roommates or family members, trying to work around furniture or other items, or creating a peaceful environment. Here are a few ways to avoid these at-home yoga obstacles and create your own sacred area in your living space!

1. Making Space

Perhaps you live in tight quarters or just don’t have a room to spare. That doesn’t mean you can’t make room to do yoga at home. Take a quick tour of your place. Is there a particular room that gives off a good vibe? Or is there somewhere that furniture is easily movable or that no one really goes? You may find a place you would otherwise have overlooked. Maybe your basement or attic isn’t finished, but is livable with a few minor touches. Or perhaps a living room or bedroom just needs a few adjustments to give you the space you need. Hopefully you will find the perfect spot without having to make too many changes!

2. Lighting

If you’ve ever practiced in a studio, most often lighting is kept to a minimum or varied throughout during different parts of the class. In your desired home yoga space, keeping the lights low will help set the mood. Whatever room you are using as your studio, try adding a low wattage bulb to a lamp or light fixture. If it is a multipurpose space that otherwise requires bright light, add a novelty light or even some stringed twinkle or rope lights that you only use during yoga. It may not seem like much, but it’s just enough light to see what you’re doing and will set a calm, unharsh mood for your at-home practice. Another great lighting option is to choose a room with windows to let in warm, natural light if you’ll be practicing during the day!

3. Fragrances

Even without candles or incense, it seems like yoga studios have a certain calming scent wafting. Many commercial spaces and gyms aren’t able to light flames, but lucky for you, your house or apartment can! Do some research for fragrances that are known to relax or accomplish other needs. Visit a candle store or other establishment that sells candles, incense, or even oils or wax melts to smell for yourself and pick the perfect scent for your yoga room. If you are unable to light a flame (i.e. dorm rooms) there are many options out there today, including plug-in air fresheners and oil diffusers, that come in many pleasant smells too!

4. Music

You may have had instructors that play the perfect melodic mix for doing yoga. However, it is also likely you’ve had instructors who played songs that take you out of your practice or that don’t seem to fit the flow. Lucky for you home yogis, you can make your own playlists that capture the sounds you want to hear when you practice! Adding your own personal musical touch will take you even deeper into your practice.

Above all, be sure that your new at-home yoga space is complimentary to your practice. If something just doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to change it. Also, be a courteous yogi and inform your roommates or family members when you will be practicing, especially if you will be doing any rearranging to a room they may use. This courtesy will come back to you, as they will know to let you have your yoga time to yourself in peace!

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