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Yogasync Review: Short Morning Wake Me Up

For most of my yoga life, I’ve been a night owl. Evening classes have always worked into my schedule best and there was something I enjoyed about ending a long day with a calming yet challenging yoga practice. However, the idea of a morning practice always appealed to me. I know the euphoria that is experienced after a yoga practice and what it must be like to keep that going all day long.

That’s why when I was looking for a new half hour Yogasync to try on a sunny Sunday morning, this Short Morning Wake Me Up caught my eye! I usually like to browse through the Movements Preview window to see what kind of poses are involved. These particular asanas looked to be a good mix of familiar and challenging.

Before you start your day with this morning wake me up, take a look at the following pose-by-pose analysis:

1 – Cat and Dog Tilt

Cat and Dog Tilt is one of my favorite movements to start with, whether it’s in class, watching a video, or just doing an impromptu set of asanas. It’s simple yet beneficial to both the back and core, and helps center you and prepare you for the rest of your yoga practice.

2 – Cat & Dog Tilt to Downward Facing Dog

I will usually immediately follow Cat and Dog with a Vinyasa flow or a Sun Satlute, but I liked how this pose was tucked in between the two, making for an easier and seamless transition.

3 – Sun Salutations with Step Back Lunges

Some days I can salute the sun until the cows come home. Today, this particular version was a little long for me, but I enjoyed the step back lunge addition.

4 – Cow Face Pose Standing

As someone prone to shoulder tension, I welcome any kind of yoga pose that would relieve this. I did need to use a strap because my hands couldn’t quite meet on my back.

5 – Warrior One

If you have read any of my other reviews, you know that many of the Yogasyncs I write about include at least one Warrior! Whether I am creating a sync or practicing an existing one, Warriors work on just about everything, from balance to strength for both the mind and the body.

6 – Crocodile Pose on Forearms

This version of Crocodile Pose is also another form of plank. On days that I work out at the gym or do other types of exercise, I like to work in a few yoga moves during my cool down. It appears to be a simple pose, not a lot of movement, but it really works your entire body especially if you hold it for an extended period of time.

7 – Half Camel Pose

You have to love a good back bend! Half Camel is one pose that I don’t encounter often in my practice, but I always enjoy doing. It was a great addition to follow the forearmed Crocodile as it offered a great stretch after holding the body up for an extended period of time.

8 – Bow Pose

Normally I enjoy the spinal stretch that comes with Bow Pose. However, after just performing Half Camel Pose, which offers a similar movement, I began to feel a slight strain in my back. I need to pay great attention to the alignment cues in back bends, such as keeping length in the sacrum (bit of back above the tailbone).  I found this help video really useful for back bending without discomfort.

9 – Side Twist in Hero Pose

I cannot stress the importance of proper positioning in this movement. This side twist requires a blanket, which needs to be almost straddled between your bent knees. At first I had my legs on the blanket, and when I went into the twist, it felt uncomfortable.

10 & 11 Childs Pose and Relaxation

This sync finished off with a calming Child’s Pose and Short Relaxation/Savasana. I cannot express how important finishing off any yoga practice with relaxation is, whether you’re doing a short web session or a full-length studio class. Savasana quiets the mind and body, and gives both a chance to restore themselves from the practice.

Why you’ll love a morning practice too

As an evening yogi, I admit that practicing in the morning really was a great way to start my day. Performing this on the weekend was one thing, but I would love to get into practicing during the week, especially before a long day of work.

When do you usually practice yoga? Is there a certain time of day that works best for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Yogasync me! Start your day off right and try this Yogasync for yourself!

Short Morning Wake Me Up



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