Why Should Pregnant Women Practice Yoga?


Most women decide to start practicing yoga during or after pregnancy because they want to stay fit and yoga offers safe and mild exercises that preserve the strength of the muscles. However, yoga means much more for a pregnant woman – it literally makes her glow with calmness, self-confidence, will, optimism and strength. Under the guidance of a good instructor, the insecurity and anxiety will slowly disappear and the woman will understand all beauty and greatness of this period in life.

Yoga Before, During and After pregnancy

Before pregnancy

If a woman wants to conceive, practicing yoga is a very good idea. As an integral system of techniques that maintain the body and mind in shape, yoga improves the function of all organs and glands. The preconditions for conception are directly associated to the secretion of hormones, which are dependent upon the inner peace and harmony. Many women have difficulties to conceive because of stress and anxiety, and properly-balanced yoga practice can provide significant help from that aspect.
Another important benefit of practicing yoga before getting pregnant is maintaining the strength and flexibility of the muscles and spine. Strong abdominal muscles will help the woman carry the baby and go through childbirth more easily.

During pregnancy

Even if you never practiced yoga before and you’re already pregnant, that shouldn’t keep you from starting. Safe yoga practice will help you increase the flexibility of your body and relax the pelvis muscles. The peace and relaxation you will gain through prenatal yoga will make you more energized, calm and rested. Perhaps the greatest benefit you will get is establishing a connection with your baby and understanding the period of pregnancy as a truly special stage of your life.
During childbirth, you will have greater consciousness about your body, mind and breathing. Yoga will help you train your mind to stay clear and focused, so you will be able to understand everything that’s going on during those moments, listen to the instructions of the doctor and collaborate more easily. Practicing prenatal yoga will enhance your stamina, which is extremely important during childbirth.

After pregnancy

Your muscles will go through a lot of stress during the last three months of pregnancy. Physical exercise after giving birth is necessary to tone the muscles and help them go back to their previous shape. Calming breathing techniques, as well as savasana (yoga relaxation) and meditation will help you deal with all changes you will face after having a child. Your baby will require constant care and attention, and you won’t be able to give the best if you don’t give something to yourself.
Staying calm, patient and relaxed will make you a much better mother, so you should continue practicing yoga as soon as you feel that you body is prepared for it and, of course, as soon as you find the time for the practice. If you can’t find the time for an entire program (and you probably won’t during the first months), then you can at least do breathing and relaxation techniques.

Summary of Benefits:

  • boost your self-confidence

  • mental and physical strength

  • positive attitude

  • spiritual calmness.

Yoga can provide your body and mind with immense benefits before, during and after your pregnancy. It will help you experience yourself and the process of giving birth with all beauty and harmony that comes with the creation of life.

Needless to say, it is extremely important to practice with competent and experienced instruction. The most important thing for you and your baby is to stay safe.


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