If you are getting started, or just want a little refresher, the Basics series is just what you need.  Join Al and Sarsha as they take you through the key features and workings of Yogasync, to make sure you get the most out of your account.


Getting Started

Just signed up and ready to get started? This video will walk you through the basics, from logging in, to finding your first Yogasync and saving it to your Yogasync account.


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Creating your Space

Ok, your Yogasync is ready to go and your amped to create the best space to do it?  This video details how to get the most out of your environment.



Comfort & Stretching with Props

How props can help our bodies incorporate natural alignment, intelligence and maximize results.  What do you really need?




Discover why shifting the body position is a pose allows the maximum benefits for your efforts. Master Classes

These guides include depth that falls out of the scope of Yogasync Basics, but are super valuable nonetheless!

Advanced Alignment

Advanced Alignment

These techniques can drive some serious refinement for your home yoga practice. Check out how ‘feeling it everywhere’ can help.


What is the meaning of Om?

Whats with the symbol on the Yogasync wall?  Here’s a little reminder about the ideal intention of the path of yoga.